About The Board of Directors

Alaska Native General Services dba/Copper River Management Company’s Board of Directors provides critical oversight, determines the organizations mission and purpose, and ensures effective organizational planning. The Board implements corporate governance measures and provides direction to ensure and continually promote continuity of operations. This allows the Copper River Family of Companies to provide a source of revenue for the Native Village of Eyak both in the present and more importantly for future generations.

The revenue generated from the for-profit entities in the Copper River Family of Companies help fund health and social services, economic development, natural resource/environmental education, with countless benefits to the Native Village of Eyak in a manner that is in alignment with Alaskan Native Cultural Values and Traditions – enhancing both the physical and spiritual well-being of its Tribal Members.

Our Board of Directors

Sylvia Lange


Darrel Olsen

Board Member

Pam Smith

Board Member

Diane Ujioka

Secretary & Treasurer

Tom Andersen

Board Member

Sylvia Lange


Born and raised in Cordova Alaska, I spent the first half of my life commercial fishing with my parents on the Copper River Delta, Gulf of Alaska, and Prince William Sound. Later, I ran my own vessels.

On my maternal side, I am Tlingit of the Kwasht’kwaan of Yakutat, and on my paternal side, I am Sugpiaq from Unga. My grandfathers were German and Danish immigrants at the turn of the last century.

I married a commercial fisherman, Greg Meyer, and we have 3 children, now adults who live in Cordova. We no longer are commercial fishermen, but we do have an ancillary business, providing a tendering vessel for the fish processing plants. We also own a small hotel on Cordova’s waterfront.

I enjoy doing artwork, currently concentrating on painting on canvas, boating, time with my family, love to travel, and keeping busy with various civic pursuits.

Through the years, I have served on the Board of Directors for Regional Corporation, Chugach Alaska Corporation, my ANCSA Village Corporation, Eyak Corp, and now on my Tribal Council for Native Village of Eyak. I am honored to do this duty, and am very excited about NVE’s future. I believe with our investments in ANGS, and the Copper River Family of Companies, NVE will be able to continue to provide meaningful and important services to our membership, and I see only growth and sustainability in our future. I am pleased to help, and be a part of this exciting opportunity for our people and future generations.

Kevin McLaughlin


As CEO of the Copper River Family of Companies, Mr. McLaughlin is responsible for leading multiple facets of the organization. He directs the oversight of 14+ subsidiary companies with government contract portfolios of over $300 Million and a workforce of over 500 employees across the U.S. and overseas. He is responsible for strategic long-term planning and leads the operating company presidents and multiple teams and business units within Copper River Shared Services to provide oversight, compliance, and support services to ensure continued strategic growth for the Copper River Family of companies.

Mr. McLaughlin has had a significant impact on the Copper River Family’s growth and success. Immediately after joining Copper River, he quickly utilized prior skills helping Alaska Native-owned companies and his affinity for Alaska Native set aside laws and SBA 8 (a) regulations to create Copper River Shared Services to provide back-office support and oversight for future growth. Mr. McLaughlin continues to be instrumental in the company’s expansion, playing a key role in six strategic acquisitions during his tenure. He also played a major role in the startup of seven additional subsidiary companies for the Copper River Family and continues to increase profitability and growth through insightful strategies and solid leadership.

Mr. McLaughlin is a former Army Officer (Captain) and Judge Advocate Attorney. He is a graduate of multiple Officer Leadership Schools and a graduate of the prestigious U.S Army Judge Advocate Generals School in Charlottesville Virginia.

He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama and attained his law degree from Samford University School of Law.