Providing High Performance IT Solutions and Services

The combination of our in-house team of elite solution architects, partnerships with leading vendors, and niche providers of specialized services and solutions, facilitates our ability to quickly and efficiently deliver end-to-end technology solutions tailored to our client’s environment resulting in an immediate impact on pressing challenges.

Our Capabilities

Network Design and Implementation

We offer end-to-end network design and implementation services, starting from initial planning and architecture to the deployment of hardware, software, and connectivity solutions. Our experienced team of network engineers ensures a seamless integration of components, adherence to best practices, and optimized network performance.

Cloud Migration Services

We assist in migrating existing infrastructure, applications, and data to the cloud, ensuring a smooth and secure transition. Our experts analyze your current environment, devise a migration strategy, and execute the migration process with minimal disruption to your operations.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

We help leverage the benefits of both public and private clouds through hybrid cloud architectures. Our solutions enable seamless integration between on-premises infrastructure and public cloud services, ensuring optimal performance, security, and cost-efficiency.

Security and Compliance

We prioritize the security of your cloud infrastructure and data. Our solutions include robust security measures, such as encryption, access controls, and regular audits, to ensure your sensitive information remains protected. We also assist businesses in achieving compliance with industry regulations and standards.

Cyber Security

We offer a complete suite of cyber security services, covering all aspects of your infrastructure. From vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to network monitoring and incident response, we ensure that your systems are fortified at every level.

Data Center Architecture:

Our team develops a comprehensive data center architecture plan tailored to your organization. We create detailed schematics, network diagrams, and floor plans, considering factors like rack layout, cable management, cooling strategies, and power distribution. Our designs adhere to industry best practices and standards to ensure optimal performance and future scalability.


With our IT automation solutions, you can say goodbye to tedious, repetitive tasks that consume valuable time and resources. Our technology automates routine processes, freeing up your skilled IT professionals to focus on more strategic initiatives that drive business growth. By automating tasks such as software provisioning, system monitoring, data backups, and security patching, you can reduce human error, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure consistent results.

Copper River Data Solutions At a Glance

DUNS: 56861860
UEI (AK): V7K1KC8AL723
Primary NAICS: 541519
Status: Federally Recognized, Alaska Native, Tribal Owned, 8(a) Certified Entity 

Copper River Family of Companies Overview

Our Partners

Copper River delivers high-performance IT products, solutions and services based on our unique advantage of holding strong, well-developed partnerships with the industry’s top manufacturers, solutions providers, and technology experts. 

Past Performance

Dept of Health
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