Proven Boats for the toughest waterborne missions in the most demanding operational and maintenance environments on earth.

Our Advantages

Enhanced Patrol Capabilities

Our vessels enhance detection, monitoring, and interdiction capabilities with the most technologically advanced hull designs and crew and equipment layouts.

3D Engineering & Design

We use the most advanced engineering and design programs including Rhino, Solidworks, and Ship Constructor to continuously improve vessel capabilities for the operator and maintainer.

Extensive Military & Law Enforcement Experience

We know, first-hand, how important it is to have the right vessel to complete the mission during high-risk operations to get home safely. We understand the importance of a well-designed vessel and its impact on tactical capability and crew safety.

Less Expensive to Maintain & Operate, Longer Lifespan

Our vessels are known for extremely high reliability, minimal downtime, and low maintenance costs. Proven differentiators that make our vessels last longer and lower cost-per operational hour.

Reduced Operational Risk

We emphasize crew performance and safety in every aspect of vessel design and layout.

Advanced Manufacturing

The use of computer numerical control (CNC) equipment and AWS certified welders during all phases of manufacturing allows us to build our vessels exactly as designed and engineered. This also enables us to repeat this process with an extremely high-degree of accuracy, so every vessel meets our standard of quality control and is delivered on-time or ahead of schedule.

Proven Past Performance

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