Native Village of Eyak

About The Native Village of Eyak

Officially formalized in 1980, the Native Village of Eyak (NVE) is a Federally Recognized Tribal Government that promotes self-determination to its Tribal Members through the conservation of their homelands and preservation of their heritage and culture.

The Village is nestled in the Chugach Mountains bordered by the Prince William Sound and the Copper River Delta’s waters located on the Gulf of Alaska. This land has been home to the Eyak, Alutiiq, Aleut, Tlingit, and Athabascan peoples for over 10,000 years. NVE is a diverse and dynamic union of many Native peoples united as a prosperous, sovereign, and independent nation.

Our Why

Giving Back

Guided by the Copper River Management Company Board of Directors, and supported by our administrative services company, Copper River Shared Services, the Copper River Family of Companies serves the mission of diversifying NVE’s ability to facilitate economic development, land conservation, and preservation of their heritage. Income generated by our companies helps NVE to fund critical health and social services, natural resource/environmental education, jobs, job training, and other benefits in a manner that is consistent with Alaskan Native cultural values and traditions.

The Ilanka Cultural Center & Museum

The Ilanka Cultural Center & Museum is a vital resource for the community of Cordova and supports the social, behavioral, and educational needs of the Indigenous peoples of the community.

Community Programs & Services

Copper River helps fund health & social services, economic development, natural resource/environmental education, elder, youth, and subsistence programs to NVE.

Land & Real Estate Expansion

Profits from the Copper River Family of Companies have gone to the procurement of additional land and real estate to help expand upon resources.

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Board of Directors

Alaska Native General Services dba/Copper River Management Company’s Board of Directors provides critical oversight, determines the organizations mission and purpose, and ensures effective organizational planning. The Board implements corporate governance measures and provides direction to ensure and continually promote continuity of operations. This allows the Copper River Family of Companies to provide a source of revenue for the Native Village of Eyak both in the present and more importantly for future generations.