Solutions & Services

Supporting The Diverse Missions of Our Clients

The Copper River Family of Companies brings extensive experience supporting the diverse missions of our clients. From Cyber Security Solutions to IT Business Professional Services, and Construction Services to Marine Manufacturing, our vast past performance spans across multiple sectors to support a wide-range of requirements.

Our Solutions & Services

Network Infrastructure

Copper River provides enterprise-wide solutions and services that simplify the way you do business, integrating security, flexibility, and reliability across network, data center and end user devices.


Copper River strengthens cyber defense IT infrastructures. Our team of expertly-trained cyber security technologists delivers advanced managed services for secure, scalable architectures.

Cloud & Virtualization

From public to private and anywhere in between, Copper River delivers secure, flexible, and relatable cloud solutions and services.

Digital Transformation

As a thought-leader in technology, Copper River provides next-generation technologies and solutions. From AI and Machine Learning to Analytics and Automation, we support our clients with the right solution for their mission requirements.

Technology Modernization & Enhancement

Embrace modern, agile technologies while deriving maximum value from your current network infrastructure investment. Copper River delivers a resilient network architecture that reduces costs and shores up mission success.


From medical to operational, from IT to environmental, Copper River provides comprehensive healthcare solutions and services that allow our clients to deliver critical services while maintaining safety and security of patients.


By operators, for operators. Enable expanded maritime mission capabilities delivered through our advanced design, engineering, and manufacturing techniques. Our maritime manufacturing capabilities ensure our clients successfully execute on their toughest waterborne missions in the most demanding operational and maintenance environments on earth.

Construction & General Contracting

With an extensive portfolio of Construction and Facilities Management capabilities, Copper River ensures our clients maintain and modernize their critical building systems. Our vast experience supporting complex, multifaceted construction and infrastructure programs gives us the ability to deliver on-time, within budget, while always meeting the highest quality and safety standards in the industry.

Strategic & Consultative Services

Industry-leaders in the Information Technology and Management field, Copper River goes beyond traditional consulting by leveraging our extensive operational experience in solving complex, enterprise-wide challenges. Driven to transform our client’s businesses into innovative, forward-thinking, and competitive enterprises, Copper River delivers the strategic, advanced consulting and professional services that saves organizations time and money to achieve their business vision and mission.

Managed & Professional Services

Extensive experience. Highly-skilled personnel. Copper River provides a comprehensive portfolio spanning professional and managed services that ensure you gain maximum value on your investments.